INTERPOL Vice President for Europe
Head of National Central Bureau of INTERPOL Russia

Alexander V. Prokopchuk was born in 1961.

He took up various posts in the Ministry of Taxation of the Russian Federation and the Federal Tax Police Service of the Russian Federation.

Since the beginning of the 2000s Alexander Prokopchuk has been with the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation heading the Cabinet of the Deputy Minister – Director of the Federal Service for Economic and Tax Crimes, as well as the Office of Legal Affairs and International Cooperation of the Department for Economic Security.

Mr. Prokopchuk is an Honorable Officer of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation, and of the Tax Police.

In 2006 Mr. Prokopchuk was appointed Deputy Head of the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL and Head of the Russian National Contact Point for Europol.

In 2011 the President of the Russian Federation appointed Mr. Prokopchuk Head of the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL.

Mr. Prokopchuk participates in numerous international working groups under the aegis of INTERPOL on combating transnational crime and effectivization of the Organization.

Since May 2013 Mr. Prokopchuk has been representing Russia as a member of the European Committee of INTERPOL.

In November 2014 Mr. Prokopchuk was elected an INTERPOL Executive Committee Delegate for Europe.

In November 2016 Mr. Prokopchuk was elected by INTERPOL’s General Assembly as INTERPOL Vice-President for Europe.