Global Chief Public Safety Expert Enterprise Business Group
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

As a thought leader in Public Safety and Justice (PSJ), Mr. Koh is the chief expert in Huawei on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in enabling and even differentiating PSJ agencies for a safer city and nation. He is a well sought after speaker internationally and is well regarded in evangelizing the “It takes a Network to Fight a Network” principle in countering crime, terrorism and disaster. Mr. Koh is also the creator of the “Social-Enabled Policing” concept: policing in the age of social networking and crowd-sourcing. Prior to joining Huawei for this pioneer global chief expert position, Mr. Koh spent more than 15 years in Oracle, including Sun Microsystems which was acquired by Oracle. He was the Global Lead in PSJ with similar roles as in Huawei.

Mr. Koh started his career with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) after graduating under an SPF scholarship. He held various appointments including senior investigation officer, head of crime prevention and community policing, police spokesman, and divisional head of operations and training. His last appointment was as head of the Computer Systems Division, where he led the implementation of various police operational and administrative systems. During his years of service in SPF, he received various awards including the Commissioner's Commendation and High Commendation, Good Service Medal, Long Service Medal, and Good Conduct Medal.