5 July, 13.10 – 13.30, Theatre 2

SDT (Security data technology) is the security technology of big data. SDT focus on security domain, its core is the surveillance video, concern target including the properties and behavior of human, vehicles, video and multidimensional sensing information, use the advanced technology such as Video Structuring, Cloud Computing, extract the people, vehicles, structured information, deeply applied for smart city.

The hikvision puts forward: SDT architecture can be divided "Sense, Know, Use" three layers.

"Sense" - Data collection, through multidimensional sensing device to construct stereo network, to realize the collection of data, is the source of big data.

"Know" - Analysis of mining, through the study of the depth of data structured parsing, let the machine with human perception.

"Use" - Data applications, through data analysis, video service, business guidance, eventually for industry business use.