5 July, 14.30 – 16.50, Theatre 2

Assuring smooth and seamless travel, increasing security, managing human rights and international agreements, and preventing criminal inflows are all crucial elements of any modern strategy. But with widescale population movements now a fact of life for agencies and governments tasked with managing internal and external protection, securing the border be a complex and costly challenge in this ever-changing and increasingly digital world.

The workshop explores the evolving nature of the border – discussing the technologies, processes and components crucial to developing a fully interconnected eBorder strategy. Illustrated by references and real-world case studies from emerging and mature deployments, the workshop will provide with the deep insights and best practices as they plan for the future.

This non-partisan, consultative perspective is aimed at supporting developed and emerging economies in the design and implementation of a cohesive and effective eBorder strategy.

The workshop, Secure Identity, Secure Borders, comprises:

Part I: The context for border security—constraints, pressures and opportunities. Why this topic is important and challenging.

Part II: A framework for border security—to illustrate ideas for good practice, emphasizing the need to decide on what is right in each circumstance.

Part III: Case studies and key organizations, summarising programs and analysis relevant to this workshop.

Opened by Frédéric Trojani, Chairman of the Secure Identity Alliance and animated by Frank Smith, ENTLETS Mobile and Special Adviser to the SIA.